Veteran Employment

by Jeremy Cooney

I am proud to support the bold veteran job platform created by my friend and fellow Democratic State Senate candidate Aaron Gladd (SD-43), a U.S. Army Combat Veteran.

Aaron has laid out an easy to understand plan that ensures that we take care of our returning veterans and work to provide them with viable employment opportunities. Personally, I come from a long line of family members who have dedicated their lives to serve our country in the Armed Forces. I honor their service and will never forget their sacrifice that gave me the opportunity to come to this great country and work toward the American dream.

Every veteran deserves to know that there are opportunities for them when they come home and a community ready to welcome them back to New York.

Aaron Gladd’s Veteran Employment Platform: 

  • Absolute Veteran Preference: Develop and establish a system of absolute veteran’s preference in which someone qualifying as a veteran who receives 70 points or above on an open competitive exam is immediately placed at the head of the eligibility list for state and local government jobs.

  • Unions: Commit with public and private sector unions to a program to promote and expand training programs for veterans and partner with them by offsetting training costs. These unions provide pipelines to success - they are good paying jobs and a step up the ladder of opportunity.

  • Agriculture Programs: Develop agriculture-based certificate programs in homesteading, in-soil, greenhouse programs, and marijuana and hemp farming for veterans and guarantee agriculture program placement for veterans, to include housing.

  • Rides and Support for Job Hunting: Develop a program to reimburse taxi and ridesharing companies to provide free rides to veterans going to or from designated facilities such as a VA hospital and workforce development centers and increase funding available to help veterans access career support, interview training and job hunting services. 

  • Payroll Tax Exemption: For any private business who hires a veteran of a foreign war, New York will exempt that employee from the businesses payroll tax for 5 years to encourage hiring of veterans.

  • Double the Hire-a-Vet Tax Credit: Double the tax credit businesses can earn to up to $10,000.

  • CDL Licenses: Waive the fee for CDL certification for qualifying veterans.

If I am elected to the State Senate I will be proud to co-sponsor this bill with Aaron. We can do more for our veterans and this platform sets us on a path to assisting them as they transition to civilian life.

Teale Fox