A Healthcare System That Anyone Can Access

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Thank you to everyone who participated in, watched, and shared our citizen healthcare conversation on Facebook Live. We are grateful to the patients and providers that joined us.

We know this is a complex issue, but our families can no longer wait. We will not overcome the challenges we face as New Yorkers if we do not listen and work to fix the parts of the system that are broken.

Here are some of the things we heard:

  • We have an accessibility problem - Too often, even when world class medical care is available, it is only possible for a privileged few to receive the services they need. Income should not dictate whether you are healthy. We see healthcare as a right and not everyone is able to exercise this right.

  • Prioritize prevention over treatment - More should be done to educate citizens on how we can take better care of our minds and bodies. It is not only up to individuals. We must incentivize medical systems and providers to focus on outcomes for patients rather than focusing on payment for treatment. This is especially apparent for mental health. We can do more to help patients avoid procedures that are high in cost and taxing on the body.

  • We need a larger pipeline of talent for the medical care industry - From doctors, to nurses, to health aids, there isn’t enough human capital to provide the needs for our growing and aging populations. This starts at early childhood education, but more can be done to eliminate barriers like student loan debt and increase benefits and protectors to healthcare aids.

  • We need a vision - Finally, there isn’t a vision for what our common goal is. Simply removing the policies and practices is not enough. Our current system is not working, but we need guiding principles for how we create sustainable solutions.

America is the greatest country and New York has always been a leader in state innovation. But when we look at other countries and neighboring states, we see progress with health care.

There are answers out there and it is time we position ourselves to work towards a better healthcare system that works for everyone.


Teale Fox