A Message From Jeremy

I am running to bring a new generation of leadership to the New York State Senate. That means, we do things differently. I believe political campaigns should be about new ideas instead of just about “the other guy.” So, we're starting a blog as a space to do that - we can talk about our ideas, what we hope to accomplish and what we've learned. The posts will be shared through emails and on our social media.

Over the next several weeks we will use this online forum to discuss our ideas on what’s next for upstate New York, specifically focusing on jobs, schools, and healthcare. We have our fresh take, but also invite you to be part of the conversation. We will feature guest authors from the 56th Senate District and beyond. So, contact us at info@onward56.com to share your ideas for moving things forward.

After 25 years of the incumbent in Albany, it’s time for a change. Change starts with us, right here. I hope you’ll join us. Onward!

Teale Fox